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The Witham Word

Here to Serve Your Community

The Witham Word is the amalgamation of the Church Magazine, The Gossip and the Village Hall News now your Community Magazine.  It would have not existed if it hadn’t been for some very determined people over the years who have worked hard to bring the village news to your doorstep. We thank you for your dedication to your community. We deliver to South Witham and North Witham, around 850 households.

Prior to the pandemic, we had regular contributions from the Village Hall Management Committee, the Church and the Parish Council and all of the community groups in the village and much much more.

Currently, we are without an Editor and will be also looking for a new treasurer.  These are voluntary positions and the only reward is a job welcome and a local community well informed.

Also, there is the Witham Word Business Directory.  An online list of businesses and services available in the area 

PDF copies of the Witham Word are found on this website.


The Team

Interim editor  - Mick Chapman

Editor   -  to apply for this voluntary position in the first instance email

Treasurer -    to apply for this voluntary position in the first instance email

Advertising requirements:

Please contact the interim editor with your advertisement requests,

Name, address, contact phone number and email must be supplied for quotation and invoicing. The Treasurer will send out the invoice and the advert will only appear after payment is received.  

Payment details are provided with the quotation.

Should you require a larger advert, we charge £12.50 per issue. If you have it for the 6 submissions then this is also reduced by 10%.

For a one-off flyer drop (which is included within the magazine, printing not included) it is  - £20.


The editor reserves the right to edit, shorten or otherwise change as necessary any submission for publication.  All submissions must include a name and address, though these can be omitted upon request.

Any submission after the deadline will not be included. Space will not be reserved past the submission deadline.

All material published in The Witham Word including adverts, editorials, articles and all other content is published in good faith.  However, The Witham Word accepts no liability for any errors or omissions and does not endorse any companies, products or services that appear in this publication.


  • TBA


    Address to be advised
    any street
    South Witham
    NG33 5PH
    United Kingdom



    Venue Name
    POINT (-0.627912 52.766087)