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Our group was started in 2009 by just three people who loved to dance.  It has evolved into a dedicated friendly group of people who come together to enjoy the dancing. We now have people who dance regularly, not only from the village but also from Grantham, Skillington, Gt Ponton, Sewestern and Corby Glen.

We have been asked to dance at a few local village fetes, one of them was Great Ponton, and the ladies there asked if we could start a group in their village. This was very successful and has now moved to Corby Glen. The groups get together at social events when we can and we have a Christmas Line Dance party, for which we have an open invitation to the village, and try to have a lunch at our local pub when people are available.

One of the most challenging events that we have been invited to dance at was a wedding.  We were asked to get the party started so we danced for two hours before the DJ.  Once we got going we thoroughly enjoyed it. Another venue where we were more than pleased to attend when asked was at a local hospice in Grantham, we were very well received. We have just had a great night dancing a demonstration at a charity Country Night in Grantham sponsored by Gravity FM our local radio station. We can certainly get the party started!

The dances that we do are a mixture of old and new and everyone in the group gets a say in what we dance, everyone has a favourite! We welcome new beginners so if you want to get involved in a social group and get some exercise at the same time why not come and join us.

Just for kicks

Times and Dates

South Witham Group meet at the South Witham Village Hall, Wednesday evening at 7.30pm until 9.00pm