LCC Gritting Route and location of Grit Bins around the village

The routes that LCC grit in the village

  1. Broadgate road from the  A1 to Mill lane junction with The Drift 
  2. Water Lane from the Junction with High Street through  North Witham Road onto North Witham and ending at The Post lane Junction with the B767

Also shown are all grit bin locations within the Village


Bin Priority Map

gritting route SWPB 1

Gritting SPPB 2

Gritting A1 Slip North exit

Gritting Routes A1 North Enterance

Gritting A1 South Bound Enternace

Gritting A1 South Bound Exit

Grit Bin 1

Grit Bin 2

Grit Bin 3

Grit Bin 4

Grit Bin 5

Grit Bin 6

Grit Bin 7

Grit Bin 8

Grit Bin 9

Grit Bin 10