Gritting A Community Venture


 List of areas to be gritted in South Witham for the Community Grit Bins Provided by LCC.  

This is not a definitive list and is amended as new areas are highlighted as needing gritting, subject to grit being available

Maps have been added to show them along with the current priorities.

There are several factors that need to be taken into account when planning.  

A daily weather update email can be sent to anyone who wants to volunteer to help with either gritting or assisting in snow clearance when there is snow.

We are actively looking for Volunteers to help if you are interested the email

LincsCC_Roads Tweets when every they are doing a gritting run.

Grit Bins

Grit Bin Locations

 Gritting Priorities

Market Court Grit Bin                Hill View Grit Bin                   Church Lane Grit Bin

North Witham Road (lower) Grit Bin                                      The Parkside Grit Bin

Moor Lane / Great Close Junction Grit Bin       Moor Lane / Templars Way Grit Bin

Great Close Grit Bin       Great Close - Templars Way Grit Bin     

Station Lane - Thistleton Lane  Grit Bin