Centrebus update route 28 - Addition to sevice - Offpeak to Stamford

28 South Witham - GranthamDate: Monday 18th March 2024


What is Changing?

There will be a change to the School journey to/from Grantham following essential fleet upgrades; regrettably, we will no longer be operating double-deck vehicles, but will have two single-deck buses operating the School journeys. 

The School day peak journeys will be split and there will be three School trips operating to/from Grantham;

  • One bus will operate from South & North Witham and operate via Bourne Road in Colsterworth and then direct up the A1 into Grantham (serving the Stoke Rochford Golf Course Student pick-up).
  • The second bus will start from opposite the Bourne Road Estate and will operate via Colsterworth, High Street, then directly into Grantham. 
  • The third bus will continue to operate from North Witham via Gunby, Stainby, Skillington, Woolsthorpe and Great Ponton into Grantham. 

GREAT NEWS! Off-peak journeys will be extended from South Witham to run to/from Stamford via the A1 and Casterton. 

When is it Changing?

Monday 18th March 2024

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