South Witham telephony is provided by two infrastructure suppliers: BT Openreach and Buckminster Broadband.

The BT Exchange for the village is Thistleton and there are two types of connections into the village for telephony and broadband services.

Cabinet 1 (located just around from the Village shop, opposite the BT PayPhone) or an exchange only line.

Fibre connections are available on both lines!  ( Technically these are  Fibre Hybrid Lines as its s  fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) technology.  Initially, we were expecting Fibre to the Premise by 2025 but BT OpenReach has rescinded that expectation and currently has no plans to add the village to the ultrafast broadband project!!!  ) 

The Exchange Only Line (EOL) - which is a direct connection from your premises into the exchange at Thistleton will have a maximum fibre speed of 4-5.5 Mbps. This is because from the exchange to the home is a copper connection ranging from 1.8 to2.4 km in length. It is equivalent to the old ADSL configuration.

A Cabinet 1 connection can have up to 78 Mbps, this equates to (essentially) up to  56Mbps, but can be slower as some lines in the village use aluminium rather than copper.  business and residential connections are .  In reality these connection slow down the further you are from the green cabinets  If you live on Moor Lane speeds range from 34 to 20 Mbps  whilst some on templars way are as slow as 14Mbps ( Aluminum lines here)

All suppliers except Buckminster Broadband use the BT OpenReach infrastructure.


Buckminster Broadbands internet package is not delivered over traditional cables but uses a wireless network. They will install an aerial on your property and this will connect you to their network. Speeds are currently up to 30Mbps.


To find out all the suppliers of broadband in the village go to Samknows Broadband Checker