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Waste Recycling in SKDC area 

Currently, SKDC cannot  recycle  approx 34% of the waste in the grey bins to reduce this so we can recycle more here is a list of what is currently accepted and in which bin for roadside collections  ( Grey and Black bins)  for  Garden waste can be taken to the tip or you can get a green bin from  SKDC   Details are at

Recyclable items Non- Recyclable items Things we won’t take
We will take these items in your silver recycling bin or clear recycling bags: These things need to go in your black bin or pink bags: These things can’t go in either bin and must be taken to your local tip:
Cardboard         Nappies Car batteries
Paper Sanitary products Pillows and duvets
Plastic bottles Food waste Household batteries
Glass bottles Fruit and veg Engine oil
Drinks Cans Toys Wood
Cartons Glass sheets and panes Building materials
 Food tins Polystyrene CDs
Yoghurt Pots Crockery Videos
Aerosol cans Crisp packets Cassette tapes
Foil Pet food pouches Lightbulbs
Newspapers Cling film Electrical items
Envelopes Ashes Garden toys       
 Magazines Coathangers  
Foil trays Plastic bags  
Books Clothes / Textiles  
Jars Paint tins (empty)  
Margarine Tubs    
·Egg boxes    
 Pet food tins    


To Help you if you use this guide  to help with Plastics classification we will endeavour to get a better more comprehensive guide 


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