Garage fire - what next?

speeding fire engineFollowing a fire at the back of the garages on the  Moor Lane / Unwin Green service road. Due to the quick actions of local residents and the Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS), a more significant incident was avoided. LFRS advised at the scene, that although there was no direct evidence of malicious intent having found singed and burnt paper from an A4 writing pad could not be ruled out. Due to the amount of debris and rubbish accumulated between the garages and the wall the incident could have been much worse. The community is well aware that this could happen again in the future, bearing in mind that local children and teens use the surrounding wall to access the fragile garage roofs. 


Having previously tried to find who owns the walls.  SKDC, LCC, SWPC and the redevelopers. No One wants to accept the responsibility for repair or demolition.   With this in mind, local residents do not want another fire or injury to children and teens. We are planning to remove the wall running along the back of the garages to the rear of the properties on Trouton Walk and where it runs along the southern edge of the raised parking area.  Following the removal, a replacement wooden fence line along the southern border will be installed.

The plan:  10-11 September 2022 to hire skips, and demolition equipment.

  • To get this done in the 2 days we will need help from any residents who are able and willing to assist. to offer your support either email or follow the link below and register your offer of assistance on the village website
  • To assist you will need your own PPE  steel toe-capped boots for eye protection.
  • To aid access and to not damage vehicles the garage area will be cordoned off to vehicles whilst this work is carried out.  On-street parking on Moor Lane will have to be utilised from 6 pm Friday 9th September.  
  • Access down the  Unwin Green / Moor Lane service road will be needed at all times from 8 am - 6 pm each day to allow removal of debris.
  • Where possible we will try to reclaim bricks so they can be recycled in the community and any theft over will be sold to aid the maintenance of the play area opposite Trouton Walk

to register to help with this community project follow this link