The Great Voice Switchover

The Great Voice Switchover

What is the Great Voice Switchover?

The UK telephone network that weaves throughout the country is going through a major technological change.
This national network has been the backbone of our communications for over a century, linking our homes and businesses across every village, town and city. However, we have now reached a turning-point where we need to move away from the 140-year-old copper-wire network and bring everyone on to a modern internet-based network. This new network will use fibre optic cables instead of copper wires to transmit your telephone calls and internet traffic far more efficiently, enabling additional services to operate.
It is expected that the old copper network will be completely switched off and everyone moved over to the new internet-based telephone network by 2025. This huge change will affect everyone in the UK, and we will all have to adapt.

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What does this mean for us in South Witham?

If you have your Phone and Broadband delivered by a BT cable from a pole then your phone may currently be plugged into the phone socket of an ADSL adaptor or the phone socket of the Openreach Master socket.










With your router attached to the other socket.

After the switchover, your phone will connect to a phone socket on your router or If you Have DECT phones and EE/BT/Plusnet's latest router then you will be able to add your old Dect phones to the DECT base station enabled in the router.  Otherwise, all  Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will supply you for free with a router that supports this.

Do your grandparents have broadband?  

If not  check to see if they  have a socket like this :










If they do get on to the telephone supplier and ask them to send an Openreach engineer to install a Master Socket Openreach has to do this Free of Charge.

BT will offer a switchover service for free to those who are on a phone-only contract.


WARNING:  If you have wired extensions running from your master socket if they have not already been disconnected they should be.  You may see a speed increase on your broadband ( on an Openreach connection you should have between 14- 56 Mbps depending on where you live in the village. if your connection is below 10mbps check for old extensions without a filter as this may increase your speed now. )


If you are with Buckminster Broadband for your broadband and phone .  Great News you are already switched over